Sunday, November 27, 2011

OMG a 1/2 MARATHON???!!!

OK Ladies,

I’m back. Much has happened, but too much to catch you all up on at once ;)

But I DO have an update for you... my wonderful roommates have convinced me to train for a half-marathon.. YEP I said it... A HALF MARATHON. That’s about 13.1 miles.

OK with all of that said and done... we started training the day after Thanksgiving. We ran 3 miles. Now let me tell all you Beauties, it was ROUGH. One of my roommates is SKINNY; the other has an athletic build. My best friend MoJo, as you all know, is a personal trainer. From the age of 8 years old until I was about 22 years old I was an athlete. Basketball, volleyball, and I was a member of Georgia Southern University's Track & Field team for a little over a year. But since then I have been packing on unnecessary pounds!!! So I think this .5 Marathon will help me lose some weight, and get healthy.

Sheena told me that I need to set a goal or two so this is what I have come up with:

DROP SOME LBs! (Obviously)
Loose some of these boobs!
A healthier lifestyle

So what about you?
Have you ever ran a race? (Marathon, .5 marathon, 5k, 10k ect.)

Help me out!!! Do you have any suggested goals I should set? If so...LET ME KNOW ;)

Love you guys!


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