Hello Beauties!
Here are the answers to some questions that I bet you all were itching to know! If you have a question that I didn't answer, please don't hesitate to email me at

Name: Monique Aka @FitNCurlyMoJo

Age: 25

Born: Palmdale, California. However been in Metro Atlanta since 2007.... I like to be referred to as a Californian Bell...

Occupation: Metro Atlanta Personal Trainer. Focusing on: weight loss and nutrition; rehabilitation; sport and athletic development; strength, power, agility and flexibility improvements. (;D Give me a call if you are interested in training!)

Natural Hair History: I have been natural since 2002. I went natural simply because I was tired of sweating my perm out every time I went to one of my practices. Since that first curly mess of a pony tail, I have never turned back. I have tried everything to tame my muddle from Lotta Body to Mixed Chics. When I transitioned, I chose to stop getting perms and to keep my length until it grew out. I hope to help as many women as possible make the transition to natural hair and/or find the right routine to keep your locks luscious. It’s easier than most think but having HEALTHY natural hair does take a little time, love and care.

Contact Info: You can email me at and present the subject line as "For Monique" or "For FitNCurlyMoJo" or some version of that. Or you can reach me on twitter @FitNCurlyMoJo (you will notice that I am not the best tweeter... I just don't get it... But Hopefully I will become better with the help of you guys!)