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To Love God or to Fear God?
Hi Beauties!
                I often have very meaningful conversations while riding in Cherry with my best friend LovelyCurlyElle (Cherry is Elle’s car). Last Sunday, we discussed how we would rather know God; through fear or through love. We both said that we would prefer to know God through love and shared with each other our reasons why. It just makes more sense, right, to have a loving relationship with our Creator rather than being afraid of being spite down by him any minute…
                As you will find out through these blogs, I am kind of beginning my journey into knowing God and learning how to better integrate him into my everyday life. Sometimes I feel like building a relationship with him is like some physics formula I have to try to balance out (some of my physics classes came easy, others I was completely lost in). I hope to use this portion of the blog to discuss my questions, comments and fears that I will have during my journey into God’s kingdom. By writing these things out, I also hope and pray that I may inspire just one person to begin opening themselves up to Jesus. Cause maybe, just maybe, you are thinking and wondering about the same things I am writing about. We can figure this stuff out together!
                Anyway, after our discussion about fearing God vs. loving God. I started to wonder if and why we are supposed to fear God. I wondered whether I understood the usage correctly.  As far as I can tell through my search of “fear” in the index of my Bible… “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10, Proverbs 9:10, etc.) I gather that “to fear” the Lord is similar to “Knowing” Him. But why say fear? I fear that I am missing something in the meaning of this. Can anyone Help?
                I think I understand that to know the wisdom of God, one would have to fear Him because He and we know the consequences of the sin that we commit. Does that mean that we as Christians should refrain from sin because of those consequences? Or should we refrain from sin because of our love for God and the sacrifice that he gave us through his Son, Jesus? I guess I returned us back to our initial question… To Fear God or To Love God…. Can one even exist without the other?
                I would love to hear comments from any and all that may have a view on this. I think that I will have to do a little bit more research before I can feel confident in answering this question for you guys. Remember Beauties, we can figure this stuff out together!
Love Ya!

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